Environmental Leadership

Milestone Materials demonstrates environmental leadership and sensitivity by careful planning and designing of sites to provide the best use of resources. From recycling pavements and aggregates to reducing energy consumption at every possible turn, our company continues to implement green technologies and preserve resources.

Our staff of environmental engineers, scientists, chemists and geologists are dedicated to making sure our facilities are exhibiting the highest level of environmental compliance by maintaining air, soil, and water quality standards. We work hard to exceed the environmental standards of the many regulating agencies with whom we work.

Our company uses mining practices that are responsible and that efficiently utilize our precious resources.  As a member of The Aggregate Producers of Wisconsin (APW), Milestone Materials has received multiple Reclamation Awards.  The APW instituted the reclamation awards program to recognize member companies for commitment, effort and achievement in reclaiming excavated properties. Companies that receive this award are recognized for their efforts to re-grow vegetation to blend with the natural or existing surroundings, to slope restorations and to recreate topography to meet the standards of today.