Farm Products

At Milestone, we supply high quality aggregate products to improve agricultural productivity, adjust permeability, improve sanitary conditions and control erosion and run-off.  All our products are safe for animals and humans and they are manufactured to meet requirements for the national organic program (7 CFR Part 205, section 205.203(d)(2)).

Agricultural Lime

  • Agricultural lime (also called aglime) is the very fine material produced from the processing of natural limestone.  It is the most common of agricultural aggregates for its effectiveness in increasing soil pH, a natural way to adjust the chemistry for optimal yields.  By naturally adjusting the pH (acidity/basicity) and allowing moisture to permeate through the soil structure, Milestone’s aglime can help return your soil to the rich producing soil you are looking for.

Products for Livestock Lots, Barnyards and Horse Arenas

Milestone has a complete line of limestone products designed for livestock areas to keep your animals healthy and safeguard the environment. Limestone products control the acidic manure waste run-off and control sediment erosion from barnyards and ground level storage silos. The limestone helps prevent concrete degradation, metal corrosion, hydrogen sulfide formation, nitrification, undesirable biological growths, and health and safety problems.

  • Washed limestone screening for cattle bedding.  When spread, limestone screenings help neutralize acids at a lower cost than commercial field aglime.  After being used as cattle bedding, this material can then be recycled by spreading it in the fields.
  • Erosion conrol berms. Compacted and seeded limestone screenings create an erosion-resistant and visually pleasing berm that diverts clean water.
  • Fine, graded, washed limestone for filter beds. As acids are neutralized, the limestone will dissolve and additional limestone can be added as needed.
  • Gabian riprap. Riprap and choke stone control soil erosion on slopes and deter livestock from walking in areas of high erosion, including streambeds.
  • Limestone fines for equine applications. There are several types of sand and limestone products to fit your equine needs for arenas, bedding, holding and working areas.  The fines control bacteria, maintain sanitation and improve traction on concrete floors.