Landscape Products

Our goal is to help you enhance your property with the best available natural materials.  Our professional staff can assist you in selecting the right aggregate for your project and can provide helpful assistance to arrange delivery or calculate the quantities you’ll need.  We offer many products designed to give that pleasing look you are after, to attractively improve drainage, or to help with those home improvement projects.

Whether it’s landscaping stone, construction aggregates, stone for your French drain, gravel for your driveway or sand for your icy walkways, you will be pleased with our products and take comfort in knowing you are using natural products from a supplier dedicated to keeping the environment healthy and safe.

There is no better way to enhance your surroundings and improve your property value than with attractive, natural stone landscaping.  You will be pleased with the effects created by our boulders, rose quartzite, river gravel, crushed stone, pebbles or other offerings.  We also have a full line of sand for all landscaping needs.  You can be satisfied that you chose a supplier dedicated to quality, service and environmental excellence. Contact your local Landscape Center to the right for yard hours and product availability.


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Tomah, WI
Tomah Landscape Center

1701 Townline Rd, Tomah, WI
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Baraboo, WI
Fox Ridge Landscape Center

Milestone Materials
S3782 Fox Hill Rd, Baraboo, WI
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Rochester, MN
Golberg Landscape Center

1331 75th St NE, Rochester, MN
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La Crosse, WI
Hauser St Landscape Center

2505 Hauser St, La Crosse, WI
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Red Shred Bark

Gold Shred Bark

Wood Chips

Brown Shred Bark

Natural Shred Bark

Moon Light Granite 1"

Moon Light Granite 1 1/2"

Tork Multi Color 1 1/2"

Dresser Trap 3/4"

Dresser Trap 1 1/2"

Cisler Multicolor 1 1/2"

St. Cloud Granite 1 1/2"

Marshfield Granite 1"

Black River Falls River Rock 1 1/2"

Manthey River 1 1/2"

Tremp River 1 1/2"

Eau Claire Riverstone 1 1/2"

Winona River Rock 1 1/2"

Baraboo River Gravel 3/4"

Baraboo River Gravel 1"

New Ulm Rock 1 1/2"

Jesse Purple 3/4"

Jesse Purple 1 1/2"

Rose 1"

Rose 1 1/2"

Rustic Gray 3/4"

Rustic Gray 1 1/2"

Decomposed Granite Base 3/8"

Decomposed Granite 1 1/2"

Shakopee 1/2"

Shakopee 1"

Shakopee 1 1/2"

Carmel Qrtz 1"

Carmel Qrtz 1 1/2"

Pea Gravel 3/8"

Cobbles 2-6"

Cobbles 6-14"

Boulders 18-24"

Boulders 36-48" & Up

Flag Stone

Rip Rap 8"

White Beach Sand